Even though you've purchased a satisfying watch, it doesn't mean which you will like it forever. You mood will alter throughout wearing due to the good and unfavorable elements from the watch. You will find some examples for you personally to understand how you can determine a timeless watchMoser Cie gray 3 days chainFollowing founding in 1828, this watch brand was active in Russian nobility for 70 years and involved in IWC entrepreneurial activity. Following the outbreak of Russian October revolution in 1917, it had dormant state for 85 years. In 2002, it started a revival and in 2005 its goods was for certain within the international. Good elementsIt has top quality motion and delicate parts, whether or not the platinum, gold or the edge gold has been high strength forging press. Apart from, it'll maintain much better time. The shapes from the pointers are unique imitation watches imitation watches rolex prince rolex prince , particularly the color of dial are fairly exquisite. You are able to get great discount within the marketplace in current years.Unfavorable elementsFrom the historical view, it don't get heritage of Russian 70 years' company, we are able to say it's a new brand. It lacks of cohesion in between previous background and contemporary achievement. The look and motion are developed also truthful, we cannot really feel something new.F.P. Journe wristwatchThe well-known watch brand F.P. Journe with super technologies, revolutionary 18k gold motion and double words set, creating it much more appealingGood elementsThe minute dial, hour dial and seconds dial overlap elegantly and also the position of calendar is extremely chic. Apart from, the motion plate is produced from 18k red gold and also the cal 1300-2 will be the initial self-winding 120 hours motion on the planet. The color from the dial and also the unique pointer configuration add much more beauty to this watch.Unfavorable elementsThe layout of pointers is just as Lange Sohne wristwatch however it is much less skillful when compared with Lange No.1. Apart from, the 18k gold motion adds much more difficulty towards the future upkeep and repairs.