Do you want to wear an? to attract someone's attention in summer ? if yes ,first you should learn .let us start.
There are many types of earrings, from the suspension can be divided into : nail-shaped earrings, pendent earrings , cheap custom wedding dresses cheap custom wedding dresses ring-shaped earrings ,hanging earrings and magnet clip shaped earrings hanging.

In general, the earring is only used by women, and pay attention to the pairs, that each ear were wearing one. It should not be wearing earrings in one ear at the same time. Different with ,?In foreign countries, men also wearing earrings, but the practice to wear one on the left ear, right ear does not wear; wearer's ears all are earrings, will be regarded as homosexual.

Professional women's earrings can be worn with a suit simplicity, both feminine beauty, but also significantly dignified and stable.
Dinner suitable to wear with the dress coordination true quality earrings, both gorgeous and elegant, but also with femininity.
earrings not like , couture wedding dresses couture wedding dresses cheap wedding dresses cheap wedding dresses He needs to wear to choose according to face.Round face with any long-style earrings are echoed, can face becomes more beautiful.

Person with a long face may need wear a large earrings or round earrings to adjust the facial image, facial fullness moving.
Side face of the person wearing the small size of the earrings or a suitable strip of earrings can also be worn exaggerated big earrings to show unrestrained personality.
All earrings are designed to make you look more beautiful, but the premise is to choose a suitable for you.Most Commented Posts