The bride makeup every little detail of the wedding do not let go, especially the bride nail cannot be ignored. Understand Bridal Nail six small cheats; let your fingertips style more charming .

Bridal Nail Cheats: as soon as possible to find professionals to design for you

Three months before the wedding, you put some issues on nail to implement it! Find a professional to help you conserve hand skin and nails, exactly three months nails grow into a cycle. And three months and you can try different nail finalize a satisfactory style.

Bridal Nail Cheats: cheap Evening dresses cheap Evening dresses healthy diet is very important

Your nutritional balance, leveldress leveldress your nails can look with a healthy sheen, and are not easily broken. Ensure their own adequate intake of calcium and more to add some tofu, almonds, green vegetables and dairy products. There are certain fats is also very important , of course, is best oils contain unsaturated fats , can be found in the tuna , beans , salmon , and other foods .

The bride nail Cheats: Keep a good Influenza

The fingernail best bad too long, because it is likely to untimely snap. Can make your manicurist to help you try some influenza, and finally choose a most suitable for them. Generally speaking, a little aside that length, then extend your natural influenza nail edge not modified too sharp or too round

Bridal Nail Cheats: election of their color

The first thing to consider their own color, generally yellow skin or olive skin of the bride , more suitable for gold or peach color , two colors bright , able to brighten the complexion . plus size bridesmaid dresses plus size bridesmaid dresses Of course, the nude color is also very safe color will look very clean. You can mall in her hand, and then see with their skin looks.

Bridal Nail Cheats five: Do not forget the nail in the photo

Yes, at the wedding, you must escape the photography, but when you nail cannot be too bright , or it will become a reflex points in the photo . So do nail select those who are not very bright color, or the final coat of matte transparent nail polish

Bridal Nail Cheats Six: Do not do complex French manicure

Too fancy French manicure looks "fake", they still choose seemingly simple and noble nail style .