The year 2007 marked the 175-th anniversary of Longines creating heritage . The brand, with manufacture facilities established in Saint-Imier, Switzerland because 1832, marked the occasion via holding festivities in the Genevan Cite du Temps.As a a part of the 175-th anniversary, Longines has also launched its new jewel- for ladies known as the Longines 175 Diamonds. fake omega fake omega The Longines 175 Diamonds will be the most sophisticated and refined method to commemorate the brand s anniversary and please the brand s female clientele. The lady s demonstrates the brand s aesthetic heritage and adore for elegance. The timepiece has been produced inside a restricted series of 175 pieces. The 175-diamond-embellished jewel- celebrates the Longines anniversary with outstanding elegance.In the press conference devoted towards the anniversary, Nick Hayek Jr., CEO of Group, and Walter von Kanel, Longines President, revealed the new Longines Master Collection Retrograde . The timepiece was presented because the flagship from the collection highlighting the over-century-old horological tradition. The Longines Master Collection Retrograde produced for males is really a fine instance of wealthy creating heritage and steady look for new methods of expressing elegance. The new is equipped with an automatic mechanical caliber, exclusively created for Longines by ETA.Lastly, the Longines jubilee was marked by publishing a volume that might be regarded as to become a correct testament towards the outstanding technical heritage from the brand. watch replicas watch replicas The historic function is known as In the Heart of an Industrial Vocation movements (1832-2007) Tradition, know-how, innovation . The book will inform everybody interested a story concerning the development from the brand s calibers.The readers from the book will uncover fascinating info concerning the many watch movements created by Longines because the very first half from the 19-th century till the present day. The historic function was written by Patrick Linder, a young researcher studying deeply the background of watchmaking. The writer has analyzed the evolution from the watch calibers manufacturing via probably the most essential phases within the watchmaking business. The book has richly illustrated little-known details concerning the brand s industrial adventure.To spend tribute to 175-year-history from the manufacture activity at Saint-Imier , Longines has opened two new rooms of its Museum. The very first space displays the outcomes of watchmaking throughout 1957-2007, whilst the second space demonstrates the brand s marketing development. Longines has also displayed the factory books that comprise lists of all watches created within the workshops.Following the festivities organized on 26th September, the brand has inaugurated a distinctive exhibition, tracing the whole background from the brand, which includes the numerous facets from the brand. The exhibition in the Cite du Temps became an ideal reflection from the Longines 175-year background. The exhibition will probably be welcoming the public till 14-th October.Situated correct within the heart of Geneva, the Pont de la Machine, a bridge more than the Rhone River, has served as an emblem from the city because 1840. It was initially built for supplying water towards the new public fountains and steadily became a symbol from the city s industrial development. The Swatch Group has been managing the Cite du Temps developing on the bridge because 2005. The Cite du Temps has represented a distinctive interactive space for holding permanent and temporary exhibitions.The Longines maison in Saint-Imier is proud of 175 years of steady watchmaking experience also as 125 years of sporting heritage because the brand has acted as timekeeper for globe championships and companion of international federations.These days Longines timepieces are sold in over 130 nations all about the planet. The brand is a part of Swatch Group S.A., the top watch manufacturer within the globe.